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Kaqun is aimed at boosting the immune system


Individual dietary adjustments + Kaqun facilities


Activating the purification system (lab. Research)


Correct position for maximum oxygen uptake


To maintain physical fitness

KAQUN Hollandia B.V.

KAQUN Hollandia B.V. is located on a authentic historical Brabantse farmhouse.
Since 2006 operational in Netherlands with KAQUN baths & KAQUN drinkingwater. We are specialized in strengthening the immune system on individual level with the basic elements: fluid balance – oxygen – nutrition
Our treatments can be used as wellness and complementary therapy.

Introduce myself:
I’m Ineke van Eekelen, expert / owner and official KAQUN™ SILVER partner from 2006. Graduated in Elementary-, Specific-, Dietetic nutrition and nutritionist with specialization in IgE, IgG, Celiac disease and histamine sensitivity with required
after trainings in the interpretation of laboratory analyses immunology.

Welcome to our website, we are pleased to help you with our possibilities in further supporting your health…..

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KAQUN Hollandia B.V.  
Spellestraat 49 – 4724 SH
Wouw (N-BR) Netherlands
T: 0031 (0)165 302141

E: info@kaqunhollandia.nl
OPEN: daily van 9am to 5:30pm
Reservation required !

Partners KAQUN Hollandia BV:

In our KAQUN treatmentcenter are phones not allowed, therefore we are restricted. Please send a Email and we will contact you back a.s.a.p.

Thank you!