Oxygenated water:
The production of oxygenated water is an invention from 1981 native to the U.S.A.
This invention concerns a specific water treatment technology which undergoes a structural change which leading to a higher oxygen level in stable and bonded form.
This water treatment technique has been applied since 2002 in the Netherlands and Hungary.
The oxygenated water is offered on the market under the names:
Aquadraat Water ®-Kaqun Water ™-Elo water.
All waters are produced from purified basic water.

As anyone known, our quality of life depends on oxygen & nutrients from our diet.
Water is one part of these nutrients and is absorbed as food through the digestive tract.
Oxygenated water is also absorbed into the body through this same way.
In a healthy body:
* this water has a rapid absorption and can help with good regeneration of the body.
* this water has is a cell refreshment that can express itself in an increased contribution in alertness, performance and vitality.

Oxygenated water as functional water:
When you want to use oxygenated water in disease and illnesses, a body must first meet a number of conditions, otherwise this water cannot achieve added value, and even in certain situations can give a Counterproductive effect.
These conditions are determined from the scientific laboratory tests carried out by your doctor/specialist in hematology, serology, Microbiology, biochemistry and clinical chemistry. From this situation, a diagnosis is often made and, if necessary, a medical treatment is prescribed.
In addition to medical treatment, individual nutritional adjustments should always be applied to support the deviating processes in order to correct them.
Only when all these processes are applied closely in practice,  oxygenated water can be deployed as functional water and give a dignified support to the immune system.

Our practice
Since 2006, KAQUN Hollandia B.V. has been operational in the Netherlands with the KAQUN Water ™ and Aquadraat Water ®. Through our own experience in both the Netherlands and Hungary, as an official ™ Silver partner I started the company to make this natural product in supporting health & well-being accessible to everyone !
I am Ineke van Eekelen, owner and nutritionist (immunology).
Because of the more than 10 years of practical experience with oxygenated water, I am going to delve into the different body processes that a disease or condition entails.
These experiences have shown me that heath can only be achieved on an individual level, as a basis in every body reducing inflammation for a timely pH-regulation.
By applying individual adjustments in advance ( see factors under ) more effective results can be achieved with oxygenated water. In this way, we support all body processes for a better quality of life. These science I presented in 2012 at the 1st International KAQUN Conference in Hungary ( Topics: TSH, IgA-Total gluten, IgE, IgG, DAO and Diabetes )

In Our practice, I focus mainly on the specific support of different body processes in disease and disorder conditions. We can help you with the individual nutritional provisions ( immunoglobulins) and knowledge in science to put your body in the condition to be able to use oxygenated water as a functional water. These necessary factors consist of;
* Lab. Interpretation of Hematology, serology, Microbiology, biochemistry and clinical chemistry in order to be able to interpret your nutritional status in addition to your disease or condition.
* Specific laboratory research  in general complaints or as complementary research to get more clarity in the digestive and metabolic processes, as well as the biotransformation in addition to your illness or condition.
* Compose an individual nutrition plan and help you put into practice this new diet (lifestyle).
* Preparation techniques and nutritional combinations within your nutrition plan.
* Individual processes support in digestion, metabolism, biotransformation and enzyme activation: Without enzymes there is no metabolism which makes life impossible.

If you want to use oxygenated water as functional water, please contact us before starting, so you are sure whether your body meets the conditions for this support in health & well-being.

If you want to know oxygenated water can be a functional water for your body ?
Please contact us before using it !

Contact us

KAQUN Hollandia B.V.  
Spellestraat 49 – 4724 SH
Wouw (N-BR) Netherlands

E: info@kaqunhollandia.nl

Oxygenated water and derivative products
are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure
 or prevent any disease.  

Kaqun water

€  2,50 / 1,5 litres plastic PET Bottle
Package per 6 bottles

Aquadraat water

€ 14,00 / 10 litres carton with tap
11 x 10 litres for total price of  € 140,00